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Pictured Above: Haeng Shin Kim. Source: OC Register.


This week, the special circumstances murder trial against Raheem Abdul Edwards begins. He faces life without the possibility of parole if convicted for the murder of liquor store owner Haeng Shin Kim (pictured above) around 11 years ago while robbing and burglarizing his store.
On December 15, 2000, Edwards and co-defendant Robert Quenton Feeney allegedly entered Kim’s Anaheim liquor store called Lucky Seven Liquor Mart to rob it.  Feeney then shot Kim once in the back. As Kim tried to crawl away, Feeney shot Kim in the back of the head, execution style, killing him.
Soon after Kim was shot, allegedly, Edwards jumped over Kim’s body to reach the cash register. After stealing money from the register, both men left the store. Feeney was captured four years later and confessed to robbing the store to get money to buy Christmas presents.  He was charged with special circumstances murder and sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. Edwards was charged soon after, but before being extradited to California, he had to face a murder trial in New York for an unrelated crime. 
Committing a murder during the commission of another crime is a special circumstance case which means that if convicted, the defendant will face life in prison without the possibility of parole, or in some cases, the death penalty. Here, since Edwards and Feeney were going to the store to rob and burglarize the store, and Kim was murdered, both face this severe punishment.

Robbery, as defined by Section §211 of the California Penal Code is defined as “the felonious taking of personal property in the possession of another, from his person or immediate presence, and against his will, accomplished by means of force or fear.” Robbery is often confused with burglary. Burglary is the crime of breaking and entering a building with intent to steal something or commit a felony inside. Therefore, robbery is a more serious crime since something is actually taken by force or fear.

If you are charged with robbery, burglary or murder, please contact an experienced criminal defense attorney right away. An experienced criminal defense attorney will help you by investigating the crime and either getting your charged dropped or lowered, or reducing your sentence.

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