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Los Angeles Times Column, August 1997 by Jerry Hicks

  • "What lawyer would you call if you found yourself---guilty or innocent---facing charges? Somewhere on my short list of three or four would be Ronald G. Brower of Santa Ana. I wouldn't hesitate a second to place my fate in his hands..."
  • "It was as brilliant as I ever heard in a courtroom."

Los Angeles Times Story 1995: "A Legal Player with the Inside Edge"

  • "...Brower has become the attorney of choice for some of the county's highest profile clients..."
  • "Brower works his connections for his clients, both in and out of court."

A Senior Deputy District Attorney speaking of a homicide trial with Brower said, "It was a real war, that trial."

A comment from a highly regarded Orange County criminal defense attorney, "He's very good at damage control."

The Orange County Register and the Los Angeles Times have both written career articles on Mr. Brower.

The Orange County Register wrote......"Brower is a cagey veteran".