Case Highlights

United States v. Richard A., M.D. UCI Fertility Clinic scandal; Time Magazine: “biggest medical scandal in U.S. history.” Featured on ABC’s “20/20” and NBC’s “Dateline” shows.

People v. Kevin G. Defendant was wrongfully convicted of murder and imprisoned for 17 years. He was released by our writ of Habeas Corpus as soon as we undertook representation. Case became subject of a TriStar movie and was highlighted on ABC, NBC and CBS.

People v. Scott B. California State Assemblyman was charged with alleged felony election violations. Case dismissed.

People v. Edward B., MD. Orthopedic surgeon charged with 68 counts of insurance fraud and perjury. Found not guilty.

People v. David S. Australian defendant acquitted of spousal rape. Case attracted international TV and print media coverage.

People v. Mun Bong K. Times Magazine wrote an article (“Academic Murder”) about this case, referred to as the “Tay” murder case.

People v. Robert T. Murder case involving a known sex offender and an Orange County Register newsboy. Case resulted in hung jury, enabling defendant to avoid death penalty.

People v. Oscar S. Defendant accused of murder in high-profile gang killing. Found not guilty.

People v. Monte S. et al. Three brothers from an affluent area in Tustin Hills (their father is a prominent figure in Southern California horse racing circles) get into a fight with two sheriff’s deputies over a traffic ticket. One deputy shoots one of the brothers and also shoots and kills his wife. Deputy sheriff is shot in the face with sheriff’s revolver. Charges dismissed.

People v. John Doe Child molestation charges brought against local police department homicide sergeant. Case dismissed.

People v. Profirio R. Defendant charged with rape of employee. Case dismissed.

People v. Mario Z. Yorba Linda man charged as California’s major cocaine distributor to Hispanics. No conviction obtained after two-and-a-half-month trial in San Joaquin County.

People v. Rosilee G. Owner of medical clinics prosecuted for major MediCal fraud. Found not guilty.

People v. Elmer G. et al. Defendants charged with possession of one-half ton of marijuana. Evidence thrown out because of illegal search and case dismissed.

People v. Debbie D. Defendant accused of murder in cocaine overdose death of four-month-old baby. Case dismissed.

People v. Robert B. “Three Strikes” case in which defendant gets probation and is allowed to attend drug program. Life sentence avoided.

People v. Martee C. Mother takes child from father, contrary to custody order, and hides out of state. Felony charged reduced to misdemeanor with probation and no jail time.

People v. Shahriar S. Chiropractor charged with felony insurance fraud. Case reduced to misdemeanor with probation and no jail time.

In Re: Robert H., M.D. Anesthesiologist invested by District Attorney’s office regarding lyposuction surgery death. No charges are filed.

People v. Brian G. Principal of school for delinquent boys charged with multiple felony counts of child abuse. Case dismissed.

People v. Ron S. Businessmen charged with multiple counts of perjury and insurance fraud. Jury acquits defendant on all counts.

People v. Kenneth W., M.D. Physician charged with eight counts of prescribing narcotic medications to a known addict and to undercover investigators (as recorded on audio tape) for no valid medical reason. Jury finds defendant not guilty on all counts.

People v. Edward F. Deputy district attorney arrested for being drunk in public and resisting arrest in case handled by Attorney General’s office. Extensive prefiling efforts prevent charges from being filed.

People v. Scott C. Private investigator and former reserve police officer charged with numerous felonies, including forging the county seal and extortion. Case resolved as a misdemeanor with no jail time. Defendant retains his private investigator license.

In Re: Tiffany B. Minor is charged with four counts of attempted murder. Case resolved for probation and credit for her nine months in custody.

People v. Donald S. Deputy district attorney is charged with three serious felonies, two of which are violent crimes and thus strikes under the three-strikes law. Case is prosecuted by the Attorney General’s office. The two strikes are dismissed by our motions and the last charge is reduced upon our motion to a misdemeanor. Defendant received probation and no jail time.

People v. Alberto C. Defendant is charged with possession of certain chemicals with the intent to manufacture methamphetamine and with possession of over eight pounds of methamphetamine for sale. Case dismissed.

People v. Isabelle H. French and Israeli citizen, who fled violence in Israel with her husband and two children, faces deportation after pleading guilty to domestic violence while represented by another attorney. Under our representation, plea is withdrawn and case set for dismissal. Defendant remains legally in U.S.